High Pressure Fogging System

A sophisticated system that pressurizes ordinary water up to 1000 PSI (70 BAR). Using a specialized high-pressure pump module. The Pressurized fluid is pumped along hydraulic manifold hose and is finally released into the air through tiny highly specialized low flow atomization nozzles. The released fluid forms a superfine "fog" of 10 micron sized droplets that is suspended in the air. The fog produced by the system is so fine it completely evaporates in the Air without any wetting or dripping making the system highly versatile.

The flexible, adaptive, lightweight and compact features of a Shri Adithyaa Hi-Tech Pumps permits rapid and simple installation onto any structure or piece of equipment. No special skills or tools are required to install, operate or maintain a Shri Adithyaa Hi-Tech Pumps.

Some of the assembled systems of our assortment are:

 Depending on pressure:  As Per Table Shown Below
 0.20mm  55-70deg.  
 0.30mm  65-75 deg.  
 0.40mm  80 deg.  
 0.50mm  80 deg.  
 Produces a high percentage of less than  35 micron size droplets at higher  pressure  ranges.
 one Shape

Further, we also provide a range of pumping accessories, some of these are:

 # Orifice Thread Flow Volume Pressure Angle L1 L2 Weight
 Para N0 mm T cc/Min kg/cm2 deg mm mm g
 SS-00 0.08 10/24 12.5(70kgs/min) 20-100 40-50 4.8 22 8
 SS-0 1.10 10/24 12-25 20-100 50-65 4.8 21 8
 SS-1 0.15 10/24 20-46 20-100 55-70 4.8 21 8
 SS-2 0.20 10/24 40-88 20-100 60-70 4.8 21 8
 SS-3 0.30 10/24 80-140 20-100 65-75 4.8 21 8
 SS-4 0.40 10/24 95-178 20-100 80-85 4.8 21 8
 SS-5 0.50 10/24 120-240 20-100 80-90 4.8 21 8

Finer filtration than mesh strainers. Available in various filtration sizes. Specifically designed to fit Shri Adithyaa Hi-Tech Pumps orifice mist nozzle. Filter density: 5Micron. (dia.2mm)

Humidity Rooms Advantages Of Fogging System At Humidification Cells

Tailor made and custom build reverse osmosis systems
The system is hygienic . since the water pumped to the nozzles by the high pressure pump (100 bars) completely evaporates, there is no need for a water tank. therefore there will be no virus or bacteria formation, legionnaires' disease risk that might have occurred in conventional systems will be eliminated.
Amount of water to be used in our system will be less than ~ 1 % of that in conventional systems. therefore the cost of obtaining the soft water used will decrease by 99%
Since the separators used at humidification chamber exits will contact to 99 % less water at tiny particle size, maintenance periods will be less and both labour and maintenance costs will be lower .
Also an important point which is generally overlooked is low efficiency and energy loss that occur due to the resistance formed on air conditioning fans by large mass of water (average 80 / 100 tons/hour) pulverized in conventional systems. in our system the amount of water pulverized at the humidification chamber will be maximum 1,2 tons/hour and it will be in the form of very tiny particles smaller than 35 microns, so that the fans will operate much more easily and there will be 10-15 % hidden energy savings.
The most important point where visible energy saving is obtained is the energy to be consumed by the electrical motor used in the humidification pump. while 15-30 kw/hour electrical motors are used in conventional systems, 1.5-4 kw/hour motors are used in the fog system. therefore savings up to 80 % are attained on the electrical energy consumed by the water pump .
In fog system, water particle diameters are 5-10 microns and they mix up with the air blown faster and more homogenous and heat and moisture fluctuations are minimized .
Since the air circulating in the humidifying chamber is cleaner and dust-free, quality production will be ensured.
Because the operation of the pump group creates less noise in the fog system noise pollution will be decreased.
Since the system compoents are stainless steel there is no corrosion risk. therefore it will have a longer life span .
The only important matter to be cared in the fog system is the water quality. the water must have 10-12 fr hardness and there must be a small filter gradually getting smaller, and smaller than 5 microns at the high pressure pump entry.
Conventional Pulverization System
Shri Adithyaa FOGGING System
Quantity Saved
% Savings
 Electric Engine 22 kw/h 2 kw/h 20 kw/h 91%
  Daily Power Consumption  (with an average of 10 hours of  operation) 220 kw/day 20 kw/day 200 kw/day
 Monthly Power Consumption ~6.6 MW / Month ~0.6 MW / Month ~6.0 MW / Month
 Annual Power Consumption ~80 MW / Year ~7.2 MW / Year ~72.8 MW / Year


Conventional Pulverization System
Sri Adithyaa FOGGING System
Quantity Saved
% Savings
 Electric Engine 15 kw/h 1.5 kw/h 13.5 kw/h 90%
Daily Power Consumption  (with an average of 10 hours of  operation)
300 kw/day 30 kw/day 270 kw/day
 Monthly Power Consumption ~9 MW / Month ~0.9 MW / Month ~8.1 MW / Month
 Annual Power Consumption ~108 MW / Year ~10.8 MW / Year ~97.2 MW / Year
MODEL S-30 Plunger Diameter Pressure Kg/cm2 Capacity Liter/Hour

RPM 100 RPM 200 RPM 300 RPM 400 RPM 500 RPM 600
S30-62-10 10 620 40 80 120 160 200 240
S30-27-15 15 270 90 181 271 362 453 543
S30-15-20 20 150 161 322 483 644 805 966
S30-13-22 22 130 194 390 584 780 975 1170
S30-10-25 25 100 251 503 755 1007 1259 1510