High Pressure Metering / Dosing Pumps

High Pressure Metering / Dosing Pumps leveraging on our competent design engineering and advanced technological machinery.

Capacity Pressure
1.25 LPH to 15000 LPH 0 kg/cm 2 to 950 kg/cm 2

Various specifications regarding these pumps are:

Consist rugged crankcases filled with lubricate to reduce gears & other components.
Have adjustable stroke and varied types of crank mechanisms are used for adjusting the strokes.
Display lowest play and further, these are easily adjustable.
Have high overload capacity of variable eccentric cranks.
Have positive return.
The strokes are in linear form and these can be easily reproducible.
Require the least efforts to adjust the strokes.
Have adjustable flow rate.
Have separate drive element lubricating oil separate from the hydraulic chamber.
Have rugged drives and stroke control components, which hardened and ground their close tolerances.