High pressure hydraulically operated pumps

High Pressure Hydraulically Operated Diaphragm Pumps We are manufacturing & delivering extensively efficient and high performance diaphragm pumps to our countless clients. To maintain the flow rate of liquid, the diaphragm pumps are used.

Capacity Pressure
1.25 LPH to 15000 LPH 0 kg/cm 2 to 950 kg/cm 2

Various specifications regarding these pumps are:

Through the use of four gear ratios of each of the High Pressure diaphragm pumps, varied flow & pressure performance can be achieved.
They have special designs for ensuring accurate performance with different types of liquid. Their specific designs assist us to effectively meet customized requirements and process demands of our customers.
Reliable check valves are provided in them to ensure metering accuracy.
These have simple design and hence, they require simple tools. In addition, the replacement of tools is done in minimum time.
They have hydraulic balance.
Their designs effectively meet varied standard performance requirements, which are laid down as per API 675 standards and Hydraulic Institute.