High Pressure Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps

Our company has achieved great expertise in the operations of manufacturing a wide assortment of High Pressure Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps. These have been acknowledged among our clients due to their excellent features and performance level.

Our range of RPDP has the capacity of positive displacement of fluid at a fixed volume rate, which is removed through pump passages on a regular cycle. The driving devices of our pumps control the speed, volume & pressure. Even during discharge the volume and pressure of the system remains constant.

Some standard specifications of these displacement pumps are:

Discharge pressures of a 1 to 1000 PSI
Low speed and fixed volume per cycle
Handle very viscid fluids well
Smaller than centrifugal pumps
Do not add much heat to the fluid
Suitable for shear sensitive fluids
High Pressure Diaphragm pumps can easily pass solids, fibrous foreign and stringy materials